The Green and Blue City

By Kiki Cheung, Msc 2, Architecture Department of TU Delft

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Proposal statement
To Design by Research
To Research by Design
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Proposal Statement
How a city is designed to achieve sustainability in the social, technological and economical ways altogether? How to transcend sustainability from technocratic level to mentalty level of people, so that sustainability embeds not only in buildings but our very own ways of living ?
"The very first step is to recognize that the environmental crisis is less an environmental and technical problem than it is a behavioral and social one. It can therefore be resolved only with the help of behavioral and social solutions." – By William Rees in Our Ecological Footprint, 1995.

Very often, solutions to sustainability mostly rely alone on technocratic means, where systems always work soberly without people noticing, or asking for a rustic-kind-living-light-on-earth approach, which returns to more or less primitive living style that is not compatible in the contemporary society and economy. A balance should be sought among these methods that will truly address the source of the problems that lead to the environmental crisis – the lack of self awareness of one’s capability to change.

What our profession can do to elevate such recognition? Architecture makes built environment among the nature. The design mediates between the two. It’s how we direct people to see. We do not produce a living but we facilitate it. And I think the key is to see nature again - restoring nature from mere recreational and pleasant sightseeing back to its original role as the very source of human lives and well-being. To restore is to recognize and thus by visualize what nurtures human being. Food was once grown next to the house that has reminded our ascendants to respect and understand nature and its ecology. In a contemporary world, greenhouse is developed along that propose an intriguing role for nature in nowadays economy driven society.
My goal is to translate technology into architectural spatial concept

To Design by Research

To Research by Design


Reference of 5 Projects
Reference of 5 Technologies


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